Lifestories: Creating a Memoir

My mission in developing the Lifestories program and workshops is to get people from all walks of life, famous and not-so-famous, to realize the importance of leaving a written legacy for future generations. Many of us think our life has been too ordinary, yet those ordinary details are the stuff of fascination for the coming generations. Check out my blog at

Looking for an appealing, engaging program for your club or group? The Lifestories workshop is the perfect answer. Lifestories is the memoir-writing workshop to teach people to write their own personal story as a legacy for generations to come. It can be done as a one-time presentation at a club meeting or luncheon or as a multi-session workshop. Wouldn't you like to know some of these things about your family?

Get some tips and suggestions to get your group going on writing their own stories for their descendants!

Rosanne Gulisano is passionate about personal life stories. In a lifestories workshop, Rosanne's enthusiasm will motivate and inspire you to write down the stories of your life. You will learn the necessary skills, receive tips to help organize the project and support in conquering the fear of getting started.

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